Oaxaca Hoteliers report cancellations due to blockades


Entrepreneurs ask the government of Oaxaca de Juárez to fulfill their obligations to municipal workers, in order to guarantee governance.

Oaxaca.- The private sector, merchants, hoteliers, and restaurant owners launched a call for help to request the intervention of the state and federal governments in the face of the crisis generated by the blockades and barricades carried out by unionized workers in the municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez, who require the mayor Oswaldo García Jarquín to pay both his bonuses and the second fortnight of December.

On behalf of the businessmen, the president of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels in Oaxaca, José Rivera, stressed that the local economy is collapsing due to the closure of streets and highways, as well as the blocking of shopping malls and bank branches by the members of five unions of the capital city council.

They indicated that due to the unemployment of the municipal police there is a crisis of ungovernability and social, as well as a health risk due to the garbage that accumulated during the last three days in the streets of the city.

“As businessmen, we understand the struggle waged by unionized workers and we recriminate the attitude of the city’s municipal president, Oswaldo García, who irresponsibly has neglected his obligations to comply with the payment of benefits to workers of municipal unions,” they said. .

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José Rivera warned that the problems facing the city of Oaxaca generated a strong blow to the economy of those who depend on tourist activity and who hoped to improve their earnings during the December festivities, since many people decided to cancel their hotel reservations, therefore They demanded that the authorities take action on the matter and guarantee governability in the capital city.

Chaos Spreads in Oaxaca City Over Two Days of Union Blockades

The city of Oaxaca has been besieged for two days by a series of blockades and protests orchestrated by unionized workers from the Oaxaca de Juárez city hall, who demand the payment of labor benefits such as the Christmas bonus, which should have been deposited on the 20th from December. 

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In the absence of a response from the capital city council and the government of Oswaldo García Jarquín (Morena), five unionized organizations took the main crossings of the city, as well as emblematic spaces such as the Plaza de la Danza, in front of the Municipal Palace, and even bank branches. 

Until noon this Wednesday, the active blockades extended in at least 17 points of the city: Highway 190 and Human Rights; baseball stadium cruise; Heroes of Chapultepec and Netzahualcóyotl; Héroes de Chapultepec at the height of the IMSS; Tinoco and Palacios and Morelos. 

Various blockades are also reported on Avenida Independencia, in the heart of the Historic Center, at the height of Valdivieso; November 20; García Vigil and May 5; as well as in the streets of Hidalgo and Armenta y López and 20 de Noviembre and Mina

Bloqueos desquician tránsito en Oaxaca

Outside the first square, the blockades extend into Calzada Porfirio Díaz at the height of the source of the 8 regions; Glorieta México 68 and Calzada San Felipe; Roundabout of the Blue Module; Cruise of 5 Gentlemen; Park of Love; Eduardo Mata and National Symbols.

The unions that activate the protests bring together at least 3,000 municipal workers, according to leaders of the organizations, are on March 3, which protests around the Plaza de la Danza; on September 12, which manifests itself at the 5 Señores cruise and the Parque del Amor; the Autonomous Union, which has taken over the streets surrounding the Historic Center, the Free Union, which is concentrated on the outskirts of bank branches and the CROC Union, also in the Plaza de la Danza.

Bloqueos en Oaxaca complican traslados de personas

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