Oaxaca passenger bus robbery goes very bad, thief lynched and killed



An alleged criminal was killed during an attempted assault on a bus on federal highway 190 in the jurisdiction of San Pedro Totolapan, Tlacolula de Matamoros, and a woman was injured.

The case occurred at 02:45 hours yesterday when unknown subjects intercepted the bus with economic number 625 and with license plates 784HX4 of the Federal Public Service, in the La Ceiba area, kilometer 72 of the highway to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Linchan a presunto ladrón que asaltó un autobús ¡Imágenes fuertes! | El  Imparcial de Oaxaca

The passenger unit was traveling to the capital city when the thugs intercepted it and when the bus did not stop they began to shoot.

The bullets hit a woman and another person who were assisted by paramedics and taken to a hospital, where they were bedridden and receiving medical assistance.

The bus driver lost control, ran over the injured thug, and ended up hitting the slope of the hill.

Several passengers got out of the bus and attacked the alleged thief, who was left half-naked on the road.

No description available.

Aid personnel went to the scene and confirmed that he no longer had vital signs and therefore the area was cordoned off by the state highway police and the National Guard.

The alleged assailant was not identified and remained unknown, it was reported.

Elements of the State Investigations Agency and experts arrived at the place and where they proceeded to carry out the visual inspection and look for signs of the violent act.

The case was initiated criminal proceedings for the crime of homicide and other resulting while continuing with the investigations.

1 person dead

2 people injured

190 federal highway

02:45 hours, time of the report

Source: nssoaxaca.com, imparcialoaxaca.mx

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