Indigenous Encounters Canada-Oaxaca 2021 announced, between indigenous peoples of both territories


The art and culture of the native groups of Canada and Oaxaca will be presented in different spaces of the state capital and surrounding municipalities

The Embassy of Canada in Mexico, in alliance with more than 15 Canadian and Oaxacan organizations, reported that the state will host the “Encuentros Indígenas Canada-Oaxaca 2021” in which its face-to-face and virtual music activities will be held, cinema, literature, and design.

In the program “they will approach distant towns more than 4 thousand kilometers but united by their cultural richness.” The art and culture of the native groups of Canada and Oaxaca will be presented in different spaces of the state capital and surrounding municipalities.

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The Embassy explained that it facilitated the creation of a Curatorial Committee made up of members of the artistic cultural community of Canada and Oaxaca to define the program presented at the Encounters.

“This will be a platform for the dissemination of art created in the indigenous communities of both territories and a link to promote dialogue and reflection on the challenges they face.”

The activities will last 19 days and will be offered free of charge, from September 20 to October 8, 2021. 26 screenings of films, documentaries, short films, video art, and animation have been scheduled.


Fixed and itinerant virtual reality stations will also be installed, offering an immersive experience that will allow us to know the reality of these communities through interactive art.

In addition, there will be an exhibition of posters authored by eight Canadian and Oaxacan artists, and music and literature will be disseminated through the voice of eighteen poets and fourteen musicians from various indigenous communities in Canada and Oaxaca.

“One of the activities that will be the protagonists of this cultural twinning is the mural that the Tlacolulokos collective will create in collaboration with Rolande Souliere, in the Jalatlaco neighborhood,” he added.

Encuentros indígenas Canadá-Oaxaca” La cultura nos une

While the poster exhibition will be installed in 34 historic marquees in downtown Oaxaca and will include illustrations by Filogonio Naxin (Mazatec), Gabriela Morac (Zapotec), Hazel Eufragio (Zapotec), Jordan Stanger (oji-cree), Kailey Sheppard ( inuk), Kaya Joan Da Costa (Afro Kanien’kehá: Ka), Luis José Ramírez (Mazatec), Sonny Assu (Ligwilda’Xa) and Victoria Gaspar (Zapotec).

The venues for the activities will be the Macedonio Alcalá Theater, the San Agustín Arts Center, the Teotitlán del Valle Community Center, the Erasto León Zurita Art Museum in Santa María Coyotepec, among others.

This designation integrates more than 1.67 million people in Canada, who identify themselves as Aboriginal, which is equivalent to 4.9 percent of the total population of that country, according to the 2016 census.

Among them, three groups are recognized, the so-called ‘first nations’, the Inuit, and the Metis.

The government of Canada has worked to advance reconciliation and renew relations with indigenous groups based on the recognition of their rights, respect, cooperation, and camaraderie, concretely expressed in ninety-four actions.


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