Oaxaca will require proof of COVID VACCINATION from national and foreign tourists


According to MILENIO, the certificate will be requested in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers said the state Secretary of Tourism.

Oaxaca will begin to request the certificate of anticovid vaccination and PCR tests to tourists, both national and foreign, who visit their destinations to avoid contagion of covid-19 in the entity, said State Secretary of Tourism ( Sectur ), Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos.

Oaxaca pedirá certificado de vacunación a turistas nacionales y extranjeros
Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos.

The state official said the mandate will apply both to visitors arriving by roads and highways, as well as to those traveling by plane.

Rivera Castellanos indicated the measure will also be present in hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, where regulations have been established so that these establishments only accept customers who have complied with their anticovid vaccination scheme.

He said that the provision will ensure health security in the state and will develop mass events, such as the Guelaguetza.  

The Secretary of Tourism mentioned that a request was presented to the Ministry of Foreign Relations ( SRE ) to require a PCR or antigen test for foreigners and Mexicans who wish to enter the country, as he regretted that Mexico accepts anyone without a test anticovid. 

Titular de la Secretaría de TurismoJuan Carlos Rivera Castellanos951 50212001222[email protected]

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Tourism in Oaxaca remains despite the pandemic

Secretary Juan Carlos Rivera affirmed that, despite the pandemic, hotel occupancy levels have remained above 35 and 45 percent, both in the capital city and in its beach destinations.”We met the goals that we set for ourselves in the summer vacation season since we registered an economic spill of 1,411 million pesos.”

He anticipated that less influx is expected in September, despite the Sierra Juárez Rally being held; However, he stressed that by October there could be an increase in visitors, as the Pan-American race will be held and 60 participants, nationals and foreigners, will arrive. This last event is expected to leave an economic spill of 15 million pesos in Oaxaca.

He trusted that by the end of the year, the health panorama improves and they obtain greater profits from the celebrations of the dead, which in Oaxaca represent one of the most deeply rooted traditions and that could allow growth in tourist activity.”I want to mention that all the boutique hotels will be full because they register a record of reservations for the 

Day of the Dead celebrations in 2022 and 2023. The above represents a good sign because significant revenues are expected.”

Closure of beaches prevented infections in the coastal area

Rivera Castellanos said that the closure of beaches, which some coastal municipalities determined, prevented a rebound in covid-19 cases in the destinations with the highest tourism, such as Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.“We must celebrate that the municipal presidents of the coast closed or limited access to beaches because there was a total lack of control of tourists visiting Puerto Escondido, where the highest number of cases and hospital occupancy were reported; meanwhile, Bahías de Huatulco managed to control its contagion record, as did Mazunte and Zipolite ”

Ley seca y cierre de playas en Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, por rebrotes

How Americans Feel About Proof Of Vaccination

Even though the pace of America’s vaccination campaign has picked up dramatically in recent weeks, question remarks remain about public participation in a host of various activities, particularly events with large crowds. Some countries, such as Israel, have introduced app-based proof of vaccination. Such measures have proven controversial, however, amid fears of inequality with certain age groups being excluded from activities.

So how do Americans feel about businesses requiring proof of vaccination? A recently published Gallup poll found that the U.S. public remains divided about such measures with strong majorities opposing businesses requiring proof of vaccination to dine in at restaurants or stay in hotels. When it comes to activities where people are forced to be in close proximity to each other, however, the response was different.

In the case of air travel, 57 percent of U.S. adults polled by Gallup say they favor a requirement for proof of vaccination while 55 percent also say this should be the case for large events such as sports events or concerts.

Infographic: How Americans Feel About Proof Of Vaccination | Statista


This chart shows the share favoring/opposing businesses requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination to do the following.

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