These 17 artisans from Oaxaca sell their products online


These artisans from Oaxaca create totally handmade products, sell them online and ship anywhere in the world.

The artisans of Oaxaca create entirely handmade garments representing a part of the culture of their places. Some sell them online and even ship all over the world.

Luz Valdez created a thread on Twitter to show some artisans from Oaxaca who sell online and have shipments. We leave you the list of names and a little of their creations.

1. Josué García García (San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca)

Make textiles on a pedal loom with wool and cotton yarn pigmented with natural dyes. In addition, she makes wire and macrame jewelry.

WhatsApp: +52 951 566 5094



Josué García García creating his products.  |  Photo: Courtesy of Josué García García.
Josué García García creating his products. | Photo: Courtesy of Josué García García.

2. Sirena Ramírez (Juchitán de Zaragoza)

Its specialty is the Isthmian hook fabric. For example, create handmade garments such as Tehuana dresses, wedding dresses, quinceanera dresses, canvases, applications, purses, bags, and shoes.

WhatsApp: +52 971 127 4321


Creating your crafts.  |  Photo: Sirena Ramírez.
Creating your crafts. | Photo: Sirena Ramírez.

3. Huipiles and Juquilita blouses (Huautla de Jiménez)

They are a family dedicated to making and selling blouses and huipiles typical of the cañada region. Specifically in Huautla de Jiménez, Oaxaca.

WhatsApp: +52 236 1224 428


Courtesy: Huipiles and Juquilita blouses.
Courtesy: Huipiles and Juquilita blouses.

4. Art Koots (San Juan Cotzocon Mixe)

Likewise, the Toribio Díaz family is dedicated to making woven garments in waist fabrics.

WhatsApp: +52 951 250 8090


Photo: Toribio Díaz family.
Photo: Toribio Díaz family.

5. Úrsula Narciso (San Lucas Ojitlán)

With the help of her granddaughter, she offers blouses and huipiles made on a backstrap loom and hand-embroidered with the representative iconography of the region.

WhatsApp: +52 287 144 1854


A bit of craftsmanship.  |  Photo: Úrsula Narciso.
A bit of craftsmanship. | Photo: Úrsula Narciso.

6. Candelaria Hernández (San Pedro Amuzgos)

Together with his family, he is dedicated to the production and sale of blouses, as well as huipiles and shawls embroidered by hand on a blanket. Also woven on a backstrap loom.

WhatsApp: +52 951 184 1914


Courtesy: Candelaria Hernández.
Courtesy: Candelaria Hernández.

7. Jessica Nicolás (San Juan Colorado)

Together with her family, she is dedicated to making a waist loom in the community of San Juan Colorado. As well as the pipe “kaftans” or the huipil that Katy Paty wore. In addition, they use natural dyes and different kinds of cotton.

WhatsApp: +52 951 557 2063


In full action.  |  Courtesy: Jessica Nicolás.
In full action. | Courtesy: Jessica Nicolás.

8. Flowers from my town (San Jerónimo Zoochina)

Several families from the community participate in this project. They create blanket garments embroidered by pedal machine and by hand.

WhatsApp: +52 952 439 8948


Embroidered blouses.  |  Photo: Flowers from my town.
Embroidered blouses. | Photo: Flowers from my town.

9. Fily Crafts (Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca)

They are a collective shop that makes clothes, jewelry, and footwear finely embroidered with silk threads. There are all sizes, colors and designs, as requested by the client.

WhatsApp: +52 951 203 7679


A bit of art.  |  Photo: Fily Crafts.
A bit of art. | Photo: Fily Crafts.

10. Canvases of love (Ocotlán de Morelos)

They are a group of artisans dedicated to the production of innovative garments. They are also totally personalized and traditional, embroidered, woven and frayed with silk threads.

WhatsApp: +52 951 3669 995c


11. Traditional clothes Bbdechj (Betaza)

They are also a group of artisans who seek to enhance the beauty of textiles.



12. SUGMAR (San Juan Guichicovi, Oaxaca)

This project belongs to the artisans Angelina Zacarías and her daughter Sugey de San Juan Guichicovi. Together with other artisans, they have come together to market their huipiles, rabonas, and skirts embroidered with a pedal machine.

WhatsApp: +52 951 232 9237


SUGMAR creations.  |  Courtesy of SUGMAR.
SUGMAR creations. | Courtesy of SUGMAR.

13. Immortalized Flowers (San Antonino Castillo Velasco)

It should be noted that Amalia and her family are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of blouses, dresses and shirts. They make fine embroidery, woven and unraveled with silk threads in all colors.

WhatsApp: +52 951 421 2220


14. Julian Barrios (Jamiltepec)

 Julian Barrios is a triqui craftsman weaver of the backstrap loom. Make different garments with native cottons and dyed with natural dyes.


Julian Barrios and his art.  |  Photo: Julian Barrios.
Julian Barrios and his art in Oaxaca. | Photo: Julian Barrios.

15. Exclusive Yahìi Fashion (San Andrés Chicahuaxtla)

They are a family group of Triqui artisans. They offer textiles inspired by their ancestral culture, where they combine tradition and innovation.

WhatsApp: +52 953 1076 009



They form the collective.  |  Photo: Yahìi Exclusive Fashion.
They form the collective. | Photo: Yahìi Exclusive Fashion.

16. Manos del Mar (San Mateo del Mar)

This is a project made up of artisans from the community that seeks to disseminate and sell textiles. In addition, they reflect the identity of the ikoots.


Dress design.  |  Courtesy of Manos del Mar.
Dress design. | Courtesy of Manos del Mar.

17. Emperatiz García (San Juan Colorado)

It should be noted that he makes his works on a backstrap loom with 100% cotton threads. They also create huipiles, placemats, centerpieces, table runners, napkins, and more.



Photo: Emperatriz García.
Photo: Emperatriz García.


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