Woman uses a machete to fight crime in Oaxaca


To deal with crime, a woman from Oaxaca provides security to the citizens of her community armed with a machete, denouncing that the robberies occur due to the lack of patrols and the presence of security elements. 

Laura, 54, a widow and resident of the community of La Noria, complains that the municipal police of the capital city council, governed by the mayor of Morena, Oswaldo García Jarquín, cannot fulfill their work of providing security to citizens .

“I am president of the Neighborhood Committee (Comvive) of the Barrio de la Noria, and we do surveillance in the streets,  

because there is a lot of crime and there is no police surveillance, that’s why we are working.”

She said that she makes a tour of the streets early on since she says that the batteries of the cars are being stolen, also the water meters and they assault people. “That is what is bothering us a lot, it gives us a lot of courage, and in the face of impotence we cannot do anything else,” she said in an interview with MILENIO.

The woman who decided to arm herself with a machete used to do so with a baton, but it is not the only way she has to avoid the robberies and assaults that are reported on a daily basis in her municipality.“The municipal police do not patrol, despite the claims we made to Mayor Oswaldo García Jarquín, not right now, the assaults almost daily, the assaults are in the streets in the third private La Noria, on Saturday they grabbed a young girl Some people on a motorcycle, taking away her bag, cell phone and everything she was carrying, apart from being pushed “.

The time the crimes occur, he says, is at 11:00 a.m., or between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., since the streets are lonely, the thieves go by motorcycle, car, or on foot. 

She was questioned about why he decided to arm himself with a machete, answering that after having loaned it, he went to bring it from where they had it and thus began to walk down the street, realizing that that same day, car batteries were stolen.

Let criminals take their “cocolazos”

She said that the machete is a weapon, since the assailants always carry an ice pick or a knife, and thus a woman can defend herself.

” We are learning how to use it and cause injury, and not to kill and assailant, but that they do take their ” cocolazos “, that’s what I’m going to do, we are against crime,” she added

Every day, she goes out with his whistle to carry out his tours carrying a machete to avoid street robberies.

The neighbors know her as ‘La Guerrera’, due to her brave character and always concern about the well-being of the citizens, who respect and admire her for her work.

Source: milenio.com

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