U.S Embassy in Mexico warns American citizens about the hijacking of the Oaxaca International Airport, thousands stranded


OAXACA, Oax., April 27, 2021.- The United States Embassy in Mexico warned American citizens about the blockade at the Oaxaca International Airport, which has affected thousands of travelers.

In a message to US citizens, the Embassy urged them to monitor local news and contact airlines.

“We are aware of continuous demonstrations that affect the operations of the Oaxaca airport. Please monitor local news and contact your airlines for the most up-to-date information, ”he noted in a post on Twitter.

The blockade on the Oaxaca airport cruise ship turned 48 hours this Tuesday, affecting a couple thousand travelers who have expressed their disagreement on social networks.

In addition, they noted, the airlines have not given them enough options to recover the lost flights.

Until this Tuesday, more than 40 flights have been canceled, between national and international, affecting thousands of passengers, since as reported by the administrator of this airport, Juan Pablo García, there are more than two thousand people who use this way of traveling daily.

Airlines show deficiencies due to the cancellation of flights in Oaxaca

Impotencia de turistas y 36 vuelos cancelados, saldo preliminar por bloqueo  al aeropuerto de Oaxaca | Oaxaca

The Oaxaca international airport has been hijacked since Sunday, April 25 by a group of student teachers “normalistas“.

In addition to this affectation, the airlines have shown serious deficiencies in the face of the cancellation of flights.

Those who were going to travel on Sunday, Monday and this Tuesday, lack an answer for the change of flights.

They are also not offering compensation for the loss or delay.

Neither covered the expenses of permanence in the city of Oaxaca.

There is also no answer for the people who have their flights to this airport and have not been able to obtain any information regarding their travel needs.

In social networks, many users have complained about the terrible service of the airlines, some that simply cannot help them to get out of this situation.

“You are hurting us” 


“I am a doctor and I have to study and take an exam against 50 thousand people for a fucking specialty place, I’m not going on strike to give me a place, I start studying,” he yells at the normalistas with annoyance and accent of a northern mexican young woman with a suitcase in hand and despair on her face.  

“You are hurting us, even if you don’t insult us, you’re hurting us, and older people. Just as they are harming you, you are harming us ”, completes his companion before the attempts of young people to explain why they are preventing access.

Consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, Juan Pablo García-Luna, administrator of the Oaxaca International Airport informs that the cancellation and delays in these flights will still be indefinite, depending on how long the normalistas maintain the blockade

He also explains that the airlines will have to be the ones to reach an agreement with the passengers to reimburse them for the economic damage caused by the loss of the flights, in accordance with their policies.

Impotencia de turistas y 36 vuelos cancelados, saldo preliminar por bloqueo  al aeropuerto de Oaxaca | Oaxaca

“To all tourism, to your own city. Foreigners are being affected, they will no longer want to come here ”, the young Mexican tourist shout at the normalistas.

Only on the Aeroméxico page there is a telephone to serve its users and a protection policy effective as of April 30, 2021.

The other pages continue to offer flights dated this Tuesday without informing about the situation that is being suffered at the Oaxaca airport.

Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx, oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx

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