Casa Sforza Puerto Escondido sustainability-minded hotel completed


Mexican architect Alberto Kalach completes Casona Sforza, a hotel with a strong sustainability commitment, in the country’s Puerto Escondido

Known for its sandy beaches, green setting, and surfing spots, Mexico’s Puerto Escondido now has one more card up its leafy sleeve: a new hotel with strong sustainability credentials, designed by acclaimed Mexican architect Alberto Kalach. Casona Sforza, conceived by the entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, has just opened its doors and combines an eco-approach with striking architecture and state-of-the-art hospitality and interiors. 

Set in La Barra de Colotepec, facing Mexico’s Pacific Coast, the hotel’s distinctive form represents its strong ‘ecological commitment’, says the team. Composed of a series of round-roofed brick volumes, the flowing structure feels natural and uses the country’s ancient techniques of brickwork, arch and vault building. This approach not only feels appropriate to the project’s context and the region’s history, but also makes the most of the fine anti-seismic properties of the vaulted shapes.  

Casona Sforza hotel by Alberto Kalach bedroom and outdoors area

The complex comprises just 11 vaulted suites of various sizes, set in a green oasis around a circular pool. Neutral colors, a palette of organic materials – including wood, stone, and ceramic – that can be sourced locally and feel at home in their setting, and views of nature help create a calming environment for guests.

Meanwhile, the interiors are populated by furniture made using traditional Mexican crafts. There are rugs from Teotitlán del Valle; textiles from the Oaxaca Valley; hammocks, chairs and curtains from Yucatán; and palm lamps from Veracruz. An emphasis on furnishings and building materials that are created locally supports Puerto Escondido-based workshops and technicians, and sustainable production. 

Supporting the local community, while blending in with its delicate, natural setting, Casona Sforza’s architecture represents Kalach’s overarching site-specific and eco-friendly approach – one where sensitive, environmentally responsible architecture cuts a distinctly contemporary figure, effortlessly bridging old and new.



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