Santa Maria Huatulco Oaxaca celebrates 482 years since its founding


Unlike other years, due to the pandemic, Santa María Huatulco celebrates under the health protocols, the traditional walk for the 482 anniversary of the Titling of the People of Huatulco.

Without going unnoticed, the march that year after year is carried out from La Cruz del Monte to the municipal seat of Santa María Huatulco, began at dawn yesterday, January 8, to show different generations the cultural roots.

Pinceladas de historia: La muerte de Pedro de Alvarado - Líder Empresarial

Culture and living tradition.

For almost five hundred years, Huatulco has lived and built its culture that today, Huatulqueños have to remember, and also celebrate so as not to forget the culture and traditions that characterize a grounded people.

On this occasion in which we live with the Coronavirus pandemic, residents and authorities of Santa María Huatulco did not leave this important celebration.

Celebration did not go unnoticed.

Due to a health contingency, the activities carried out in this edition to celebrate the 482 anniversary were the beginning of the Traditional Walk symbolically with Councilors and municipal collaborators; as well as figures from the Historical Council and leaders of the communal body of Santa María Huatulco.

In the community of Hacienda Vieja, the traditional walk began and the arrival was in the central park of the municipality; in both places, speeches were said alluding to the title, historical accounts of the town of Huatulco. The celebration culminated with a breakfast at the Community Museum.

Huatulco, its name and its history.

According to history, the name Huatulco has the meaning of “a place where the tree is worshiped or revered”; It was also called or known in its time as Coatulco or Guatulco, and it is made up of three voices: “quahuilt” which means wood, “toloa” which means reverence (lower the head) and the ending “co”.

La Cruz del Monte, a site that is also linked to the name of the town and to the worship of the Cross that the Spanish left.

The Cross was located near the port of Huatulco and was placed more than 500 years ago by the Spaniards, precisely in Bahía Santa Cruz, and was later transferred to a hill where it was venerated.

Currently, La Cruz del Monte is an important part of the municipal coat of arms.

Despite having more history, in the former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, there is a document that does date the date that Huatulco was conquered by Hernán Cortés on Monday, January 8, 1539.

It is said in the document that in the year 1579, the remaining elders said that the one who conquered Huatulco was Pedro de Alvarado, also known as Tonathiu.

Retrato de un conquistador – Prensa Libre

However, in those years, Puerto de Huatulco was just a neighborhood that the Spanish for a long time called Puerto de Huatulco, giving it the name of Santa María Huatulco.

Meanwhile, the history of Huatulco also includes the event of the War of Independence in which General Vicente Guerrero was handed over in the year 1831, which is why one of the beaches bears the name in reference to this act, “La Entrega (the delivery)”.


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