Los Cabos International Airport Terminal to be temporarily closed


APRIL 19, 2020

Through a statement, the authorities of the Los Cabos International Airport reported that due to the current health contingency that is experienced globally by COVID-19 and the low visitor traffic that has been had, they made the decision that starting Monday, April 20 Terminal 2, which received international visitors, will be temporarily closed.

They indicated that tentatively it will be for next July 15 when they open the international terminal, indicating that the departure flights will be through terminal 1, that is, the national terminal, they also reported that arrivals will operate in the Aviation building General (FBO).

Los Cabos is still connected by air; the airport only adjusted its facilities in the face of a pandemic drop in operations

Cabo San Lucas.- After the announcement of the temporary closure of Terminal 2 of the Los Cabos International Airport due to low air traffic due to the emergency situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Cabos Hotel Association pointed out that the tourist destination continues connected by air, it is only adjusting its facilities due to the fall of the air operation, as explained by its executive president, Lilzi Orcí.

He revealed that on behalf of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, the Association has been in constant communication with the main commercial partners of the destination and here the airlines also enter, the trail of how the reactivation of operations to the destination will begin because, Despite this fall, there is absolute confidence that the destination will once again have its historical figures in air traffic and tourist occupation.

“Although the airport sends us a report of the flights and passengers served daily, the drop is overwhelming, so they found themselves in this need to temporarily close Terminal 2 until mid-July; It will depend on the airlines if the situation is improved ahead of time, both here and in our main markets that are the United States and Canada, there would be the possibility of re-evaluating the opening sooner, it will depend a lot on how this issue is evolving here and in our main countries emitters of tourists ”.

He said that with these provisions of the Pacific Airport Group, international departure flights will be serviced at the national terminal and international arrivals will be operated by the General Aviation Building (FBO), this measure was already being planned, since one day the air terminal received 4 to 5 flights.

The Executive President of the Hotel Association highlighted that, although the impact is more on the international side, the national destination has also had a considerable drop, reiterating that an average of 500 flights a week are being received from 4 to 6 daily flights, the fall is very strong.

When asked about the effect of the closure of Terminal 2, he said that the airport is still connected; there are some airlines that stopped their flights, but they continue the flights to Los Angeles, one continues to Houston.

For his part, Rodrigo Esponda, through the Tourism Trust of Los Cabos (Fiturca) stated “we are very optimistic and with the aim that when the health problem is over, we will be with the same air occupation before the contingency, although it will be a gradual recovery ”.

“I am not going to deny that we are worried about how the situation is going, it is something that is important, that we have never had. It does not resemble the damage of an “Odile”, but it is something totally new for the hotel industry, not only in Los Cabos but throughout the world, it is something that does not depend so much on us, “he stressed. 

With “Odile” we got our batteries up and reopened hotel by hotel; Right now it is not up to us, Los Cabos is ready, but it will be until the pandemic ends. We are concerned but always with good optimism, tourism is very resilient, it is one of the economic activities that tends to adapt to the situation, because without a doubt this virus is going to leave a precedent in the way of traveling ”.

Despite this difficult situation, he reiterated, work is being done on how to reactivate operations and return to the numbers that were brought in Los Cabos, with a historical tourist occupation, with an 18 percent growth in inventory in more than 4 thousand new rooms and with an average rate above 300 dollars, the highest in the country.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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