Mexico and Hong Kong sign agreement to promote and protect investments


Mexico and Hong Kong signed an agreement for the reciprocal protection of investments in the framework of the World Forum in Davos, including international arbitration

Mexico and Hong Kong – belonging to the People’s Republic of China – signed an agreement for the “Reciprocal Promotion and Protection” of investments.

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The agreement was signed by Mexico by the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy, Luz María de la Mora Sánchez.

On the part of China, there was the Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Same as Mr. Edward Yau Tang-wah.
The signature of the APPRI concretizes the mutual interest in deepening bilateral economic relations, said the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.

The agency explained that it is about offering the business community modern and state-of-the-art provisions for non-discriminatory treatment.

It also includes compensation clauses in case of expropriation or nationalization, allowing the free transfer of capital.

It also contemplates access to international arbitration for dispute resolution.

In this sense, it provides greater legal certainty to both investors and foreign investment from both parties.

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Once this Agreement is approved, Mexico would expand its network of trade agreements on investment, adding 30 bilateral investment agreements.

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This as detailed by the Ministry of Economy of Mexico itself.

January 6, 2020. Mexico and China will open mariculture center in Dzilam, Yucatán

They agreed to promote a park and an exclusive research center on mariculture in the municipality of Dzilam, Yucatán. The cultivation of the sea

Mexico and China agree to boost mariculture
Mexico and China agree to boost mariculture

January 6, 2020. Mexico and China signed an agreement of understanding to boost mariculture in Mexico.

The agreement was signed by the general director of the National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Inapesca) of Mexico, Pablo Arenas Fuentes.

As well as the general director of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute.

Same that belongs to the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences of the People’s Republic of China, Li Jian.

The same ones who underlined Mexico’s potential in aquaculture and mariculture.

Development of mariculture research in Mexico

Arenas Fuentes said that the signing of the Memorandum specifies the mutual interest in the development and advancement of research in mariculture.

Same as shown, in the projection of a park and an exclusive mariculture research center in the municipality of Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatán.
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It is planned, he said, to establish a research center specialized in mariculture.

Also increase exchanges of Mexican and Chinese researchers to develop aquaculture issues.

Also, he said, it is considered conducting research on general aquaculture issues, such as the production of fish feed.

It also includes crop crustaceans or crop crustaceans in Mexico.
Even fry for fattening, as well as genetic development.

The creation and consolidation of infrastructure related to scientific research and technological development and innovation of mariculture is also foreseen.

In addition to the dissemination of science and technology in mariculture.

Includes joint applications for relevant international cooperative programs; technical assistance, and strategic coordination and information actions, he added.

The director-general of Inapesca stressed the potential of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean for mariculture – particularly Yucatan -.

He said that it has an extensive continental shelf and relatively low depth, which is conducive to this activity that can be carried out in cages and pens.

He stressed that, in a particular way, the Yucatecan entity is committed to innovation and technology and to the methods applicable in a sustainable way.

The general coordinator of Operation and Institutional Strategy of Conapesca, Luis Miguel Flores Campaña, highlighted the potential of Mexico to create, through mariculture, high-quality protein.

He indicated that the memo reinforces inter-institutional cooperation between Agriculture and the Chinese institutions, which for years has remained a strong international relationship.

The parties agreed to hold frequent meetings to strengthen the strategy embodied in the Memorandum of Understanding China Mexico.

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Conalep students win robotics contest in China

CONALEP of Silao competed against 200 teams and won first place in WER Educational Robotics Tournament 2019, in Shanghai, China

China, Conalep students win robotics contest
China, Conalep students win robotics contest

Regeneration, December 16, 2019. Conalep. China, Robotics Tournament in Shanghai awarded first place to the students of the Celaya Conalep. It is an educational robotics contest.

Source; Regeneracion

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