Foreigner and her 5 children who suffered domestic violence were rescued in Oaxaca

Rescatan a extranjera y a sus 5 hijos que vivían violencia doméstica en Oaxaca

A woman of American origin and her five children were experiencing domestic violence in La Venta, Oaxaca, so the Specialized Court to Issue Protection Orders in the Central Judicial District, of the Judicial Branch of Oaxaca, issued protection orders and rescued her and her children, providing immediate protection.

According to a statement from the Judicial Branch of Oaxaca, the victim managed to ask for help from her relatives in the United States through the use of a mobile device, and the situation was reported to the authorities who intervened through the Consulate and she was rescued with the support of the National Guard, the state police, the First Family Court of Juchitán, the DIF-Municipal and the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Attention to Crimes Against Women for Reasons of Gender, among other institutions.

Respecting the rights of minors, the protocol for accompaniment and hearing of the couple’s children was also carried out.

She and the children were able to be rescued and after the corresponding criminal complaint was filed by the woman, assisted by a translator, she was protected by the American authorities represented by the consular agent Samantha Wattson, who thanked the Specialized Court for its timely intervention in saving the life of the woman and the children.

The Specialized Judge for Protection Orders of the Judicial Council of the State Judicial Branch, Tatiana Grace Sumohano Verdeja, explained that as a result of the connection with the Secretariat of Public Security and Citizen Protection (SSPO), the case of the American woman was learned, whose partner, who is originally from La Venta, Juchitán, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, kept her incommunicado, threatened her and constantly assaulted her.

The institution reiterated its commitment and responsibility to act scrupulously within the scope of its competence, in cases of violence against women and to guarantee full respect for their fundamental rights.

It is important to mention that almost three months after starting operations, the Specialized Court has issued 56 protection orders, successfully rescuing women from their aggressors.

Source: aristeguinoticias