Shipwreck of migrants on Oaxaca beach leaves three dead; authorities begin identification


The Secretary of Government of Oaxaca, Jesús Romero López, indicated that once there is more official data and the nationality of the victims is known, their repatriation process will begin.

This Thursday, the discovery of three bodies was reported as a result of a shipwreck in the lagoon area of ​​the Dead Sea, which is located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, reported the Secretary of Government, Jesús Romero López.

The shipwreck of the boat in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, near Santa María del Mar, Oaxaca, was caused by weather conditions, strong waves and swells.

At the State Security Conference, the head of internal policy specified that, with the support of federal security forces, the National Institute of Migration (INM) and the Attorney General’s Office, they are already carrying out the procedures for the removal and identification of the victims, who will be transferred for the work of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), to the municipal rest stop in the area.

He indicated that, as the weather improves, a task force will be deployed to search for more victims of this accident.

He also reported that, once there is more official data and the nationality of the victims is known, their corresponding repatriation process will begin.

Migrants stranded on the coast ask for shelter

Regarding a group of migrants stranded in the area of ​​the Isthmus of Tehuantepec who are asking for a shelter to protect themselves from the rains and bad weather, Secretary Jesús Romero denied the request.

The official said that, if the neighbors of the area are willing to grant or give up a space in a humanitarian manner to the migrants, it is their free will.

Source: milenio