Richard Bell was the name of the English clown that used to entertain Don Porfirio Diaz



Richard Bell Guest, was born in London, on January 10, 1858 and according to official data died in New York City, United States at the age of 53, on March 12, 1911, he was widely known in Mexico of the late 19th and early 19th centuries of the 20, after he succeeded in the Circo Orrin, which was considered the most successful show of this sphere in the country.

Bell stepped on Mexican soil for the first time in 1869, when she arrived with the great Chinelli Circus. At that time, Mexico was going through a very difficult time of discontent, anarchy and violence in the countryside. The Bell brothers had many adventures, but there was one in particular of great significance in the future of the great clown. At one time, the four boys – Jack, Jim, Jerry and Dick – were hiding in a haystack in Oaxaca; the soldiers had already stolen their horses and stuck their bayonets in the pile of straw hiding from the young men. A commander stopped the search for the terrified innocents, who after this preferred to surrender. After telling his story to the officer, he returned their horses and advised them to return to England.

The commander who treated them so fatherly was Captain Porfirio Diaz. Years later, already president, the illustrious Oaxacaño reminded Ricardo Bell, already by then a famous clown. The friendship between Porfirio Diaz and Ricardo Bell is just one of the many enigmatic facets of the artist’s history.

Gravie in which it is believed Richard Bell is buried in Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico

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