There are 16 amparo applications from those affected by land issues in Huatulco


For those affected in Huatulco, the decrees have no reason to exist, as they are destined to suffer the same fate, namely, abandonment. There are already 16 amparo applications filed by investors and residents affected by the four presidential decrees that aim to declare national parks on lands in Huatulco that are part of the municipal development plan, including the Tangolunda golf club.

“It’s an act of brutality, the truth is it’s such a strong social and economic impact for the people living there that I couldn’t measure or quantify it materially right now, because it’s very long-term,” said lawyer Ana María Cruz.

“The actions being taken are first in one that was affected, and thinking of Huatulco in all the commercial activity,” comments Juan René Vargas, an affected party.

They defend themselves against a measure that has reduced the value of their properties.

“The first thing that is affected in your property is its value, it definitely depreciates the value. The sovereignty of the state was violated, the municipal sovereignty was violated,” adds lawyer Ana María Cruz.

The former magistrate and legal representative of the affected, Ana María Cruz, maintains that no decree can override human rights.

“One has a property with a view of the Golf Club and suddenly if that golf course is no longer going to exist then the property loses all its value, it disincentivizes investment in that area,” insists Juan René Vargas.

The litigant also assures that the decree not only violates municipal and state sovereignty but that it is a decision made on a whim.

“There is a National Plan, but the president does not obey that national plan, he has whims, but I believe that the president does not know the National Development Plan, nor how it operates, and he interferes in a state and a municipality to create disasters,” sentenced Ana María Cruz.

For those affected, these decrees have no reason to exist since they are destined to suffer the same fate, abandonment.

“I believe that those decrees of protected natural areas are to save face because of the ecocide of the Maya Train,” sentenced Ana María Cruz.

Source: Azteca Jalisco