The community of San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca, denounces an invasion by 500 armed people


The San Pedro el Alto Commissariat of Communal Property asked the Mexican government to intervene, with the military, to avoid bloodshed.

The Commissariat of Communal Property of San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca, denounced the invasion of 500 armed people apparently, coming from Santo Domingo Teojomulco, a town with which they have a historical dispute over land.

The president of the Commissariat, Braulio Pablo Antonio, reported in a statement addressed to the federal agrarian attorney, Luis Hernández Palacios Mirón, that the armed people expelled workers from exploitation areas and threatened the inhabitants of the community.

“ About 500 armed men suspended our work that was being carried out in the El Manzanal area, threatening to hit and take away the radios and cell phones that our colleagues were carrying, then they transferred our people to the Cofradía ranch where they threatened to use weapons if they did not leave their ‘properties,’” he highlighted.

Image: San Pedro el Alto Commissariat of Communal Property

The commissioner indicated that these armed people arrived last Sunday, but on Wednesday, they also stationed themselves in the community, where they threatened women and children.

Faced with this situation, the community of San Pedro el Alto requested the intervention of the State Government, the National Guard, and the Mexican Army to establish a Mixed Operations Brigade in the conflict zone.

The problem with the neighboring community of Santo Domingo Teojomulco, and San Pedro el Alto, dates back several decades amid serious confrontations and disregard for the law.

Source: Aristegui Noticias

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