They ask for emergency actions for the water crisis in Oaxaca


Urgent to work on a general water law: PRD

Due to the water shortage in the city and throughout the state, the Parliamentary Group of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), in the LXV Legislature of the Congress of Oaxaca, reiterated the exhortation to the National Water Commission (Conagua) to decree a crisis of emergency and assume response actions.

On repeated occasions, the pronouncements of deputies from different parties have been given to take actions on this situation of lack of the vital liquid.

It is important that an emergency situation is already decreed, what would come once that is decreed ?, that then the legislators can already make the necessary reforms, because we also have to allocate budget, we also have, everything is part of the budget ”, said the coordinator of the PRD, Rocío Melchor Vásquez.

She pointed out that in view of this situation that is worrying not only in Oaxaca, but in the country, it is necessary to work on a general water law, after specifying that the current one is outdated.

There is no longer drinking water, there is no water to have the minimum access to 50 liters per person for the basics, for a human being to survive and it is unfortunate, because the bodies of water that still exist, most are contaminated. “

The legislator indicated that since 2002, organizations dedicated to investigating the issue of water, expressed that in 2022, a water crisis would reach the entity, a situation that is currently facing, without the federal and state governments working on concrete public policies.

Deputy Mariana Benítez stated that we are facing a global water crisis; overexploitation, pollution and the effects of climate change are putting this resource at risk.

She said that she presented a reform initiative to establish in Oaxaca, a constitutional principle that the preferential use of water should be for personal and domestic consumption over any other use.

Source: Imparcial