Experimental cultivation of cannabis in Oaxaca is not authorized by Cofepris


Cofepris denies alleged authorizations for experimental cannabis cultivation for industrial purposes in a community of Oaxaca.

Through social networks, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) indicated that the information shared by some media outlets is false, in which there was allegedly authorization from their part for experimental cannabis cultivation in the community of Santa Martha Chichihualtepec.

Experimental cannabis cultivation in Oaxaca?

The organization indicated that information has been shared about the permission for the use of this plant by families that are part of the Indigenous Association of Cannabis Producers (AIDPC) for the production of:

•        Fabrics

•        Threads

•        Ropes

•        Soaps

•        Industrial products

According to the information, this would give them authorization for the cultivation and commercialization of cannabis, through the marketer Dxi Laaz.

Cofepris also records the statements of the local deputy of Oaxaca, Horacio Sosa Villavicencio, who affirmed that the authorization for the experimental cultivation of cannabis in the community was obtained after a protection trial and by judicial mandate.

The commission underlines that it does not have in its knowledge any legal provision derived from a protection trial, as the deputy mentions, and neither has it been notified about judicial mandates related to the case.

Due to the above, the health authority disassociates itself from the statements mentioned and that circulates in some media outlets, reiterates that it has not issued any authorization of cannabis for industrial use to the AIDPC, nor to the marketer Dxi Laaz.

Source: UNO TV