Puebla travel agency defrauds 90 tourists on Oaxaca beach 


Oaxaca de Juárez.- Passengers from HM Travel Agency publicly denounced this company for theft and fraud, after they left some 90 people stranded, without their belongings and without a place to stay, on Mazunte beach, on the Oaxaca Coast. 

Users from Puebla who reported being victims of this fraud, explained on social networks the events they had to experience in what they hoped would be a good vacation in this tourist destination in the state, and in which they ended up paying a debt from the agency. 

“#mariohuerta and his #viajesmh are a #fraud and we were left without a part of the trip and we also paid the debt to the man of 33,000 pesos that apparently will never return or the rest of the trip (sic)”, says the user @gusstoys from his Twitter account. 

According to the published thread, the trip began with delays on July 20, because some people who presented themselves as victims of fraud blocked the bus departures for a few hours, which worried the passengers of the two buses. 

The offer included tours and meals in Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angelito, Zicatela, Mazunte and Punta Comenta, departing on July 20 from the Plaza Dorada / Huexotitla area and returning on July 24 from Bahías de Huatulco, according to the screenshots presented by the victims. 

With four hours of departure delay and after 14 hours on the way, the buses arrived at Puerto Escondido and although with disorganization, the complainants commented, the itinerary was half fulfilled during the first two days. 

However, when traveling to the last destination, Huatulco, the passengers were mocked by the people who introduced themselves as “staff” of the company, because first they pointed out that there were delays, then, when the buses arrived, they made them get off without their belongings and while they spoke with the supposed representative, the buses left without the users. 

The woman who introduced herself as “Lola” told them that the buses could not return if the users did not first pay an extra 350 pesos, which hours later became 500, because the owner of the agency had not paid for the buses, owned by Transportadora Turística Alejandra. 

After hours of calling 911, and after the National Guard limited itself to stopping the buses, the defrauded users had to pay almost 50,000 pesos together, to be able to return to Puebla; However, by then there were already 66 people and not 90. 

Passengers told local news media that they will file criminal complaints for fraud and theft against the travel agency; while others requested the intervention of the Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco). 

 Source: El Universal