Adrián and LuisFer celebrated the first mixe gay wedding in Oaxaca


Although in their culture and tradition there is a third gender or mixes, this is the first civil wedding.

Adrián and Luis Fernando are two young Ayuujk -Mixes- who decided to formalize their seven-year relationship in a civil union, the first wedding of sexual diversity that takes place in a Mixe community in the state of Oaxaca.

Dressed in tailored suits (pants, shirt, and jacket) as well as a gold-colored tiara on their heads, they were accompanied by friends and family in Estancia de Morelos, Oaxaca, located in the middle part of this Ayuujk region.

With 28 and 31 years of age, respectively, communication specialists —Luis Fernando is also a professional stylist— they decided to unite their lives to continue accompanying each other but also to break the macho ideas and taboos that still exist on sexual diversity in this region of Oaxaca.

Talking about homosexuality and breaking stereotypes was one of the feats that Adrián and Luis Fernando want to achieve within their own, where being gay, non-binary and homosexual is considered “mä’äty” said in the Ayuk language, (broken, crooked , badly done).

“They have called us mä’äty for many years, that does not represent us and we do not intend to appropriate it, we are committed to respect and tolerance,” said Adrián.

In Oaxaca, equal marriage was endorsed in 2019 and although there were weddings between people of the same sex before, in the Mixe community, the marriage of Adrián and Fernando is a reference.

“Fer and I reflected on two very important things about our marriage, the first is about making visible the rights that people from the LGBT+ community currently have throughout the state of Oaxaca,” said Adrián.

He also celebrated that it is now possible to show your love and affection legally without any fear of what the authorities will say, because in his adolescence he experienced discrimination.

“An anecdote that I have is that more than once I was violated by the authorities of my community and of other communities, for being who I am, for being free and different from heteronormative thoughts, so with our wedding we want to be a reference,” he added.

He also stated that discrimination and violence was always present from his childhood until he was 18 years old.

Luis Fernando recalled that they met when they completed their university studies in Jaltepec de Candayoc, Oaxaca, a low mixe town where he is from.

“I am sure that many infants will start running because we have already started to walk, our marriage is that, to show that we are free,” he stressed.

His parents, friends and relatives attended the wedding, lived together and emphasized with his presence that love has no gender.

Source: Aristegui Noticias