Tire huaraches, a tradition that survives in Oaxaca


The huaraches are part of the traditional Mexican clothing. We tell you about this footwear that resists changes and fashions.

Oaxaca is synonymous with tradition and culture, which is why it is one of the most admired Mexican states nationally and internationally. Among the elements that remain most deeply rooted is traditional clothing, which is unthinkable without the classic tire sandals, comfortable and practical footwear.

The tire sandals are functional both for galas and for heavy work. They are made by hand with the help of disused tires, which will be the sole of the huarache. As for the upper part, it is made by weaving leather or synthetic material straps to form different squares and shapes. The designs can be simple straps or true works of art.

Mexican huaraches date from pre-Hispanic times and their name comes from the Tarascan or Purépecha kwarachi. However, it is important to note that this type of sandal did not acquire its current form until colonial times, when animals such as pigs and cows arrived, as well as saddlery techniques.

Although there are currently all kinds of styles, traditionally huaraches were used by peasants, who carried out their planting and harvesting tasks with this footwear. The evolution of this type of sandal is such that closed shoes are already being manufactured using the leather braiding technique.

Even though there are different regions that manufacture huaraches such as Jalisco and Yucatán, those from Oaxaca are still more current than ever and it is possible to find them in almost any market in the state. In addition to being comfortable, they are ideal for cooling off from the high temperatures of some regions.

Source: Mexico Desconocido