Convenience store thief arrested in Huatulco


The subject identified as Alejandro Domínguez had been arrested on Sunday, but on Monday he had managed to escape

Alejandro is allegedly responsible for 11 store robberies

Alejandro Domínguez López, who on Wednesday, December 28, escaped from the virtual hearing room of the San Bartolo Coyotepec Judiciary, was recaptured on Thursday morning in Huatulco.

Alejandro was recaptured on the morning of Thursday, December 29, in Sector P of Santa María Huatulco, on the Oaxaca Coast, where he arrived after traveling from the Oaxacan capital, after escaping and committing one more assault on a convenience store of a well-known chain, in the Francisco I. Madero road.

The State Investigation Agency managed to capture him by identifying his trip to the demarcation. Alejandro will be put in custody to the corresponding authorities to determine his legal situation in the next few hours and the judicial process against him will be resumed.

Alejandro, 38, had been detained by the Municipal Police of Oaxaca de Juárez last Sunday at 7:00 p.m., after the report issued by the C-4 about a robbery with violence at a convenience store located on Calle de Peru of the North American colony.

On Wednesday, December 28, after escaping from the Judiciary hearing, Alejandro took a collective taxi and went to the city of Oaxaca, and headed for his home, where he changed his clothes and went out to commit his eleventh assault on the road, where he managed to obtain more than 4 thousand pesos.

This man has a long history of robberies to convenience stores.

Source: El Imparcial