In Oaxaca, they denounce the presence of an armed group in the vicinity of San Martín Peras


The authorities of San Martín Peras reported that there is a presence of at least 20 armed people in the vicinity of this municipality.

The authorities of San Martín Peras reported that there is a presence of at least 20 armed people in the vicinity of this municipality in the Mixteca region, in the state of Oaxaca.

The councilor for Education in San Martín Peras, Braulio González, referred to a group of 20 people with large-caliber weapons guarding the municipal palace, however, until now the state government has not provided a solution to the political conflict for which crosses the municipality.

He stressed that the situation in Peras was complicated, since a group of 20 people keep watch and guard the municipal palace, but they are waiting for the family of the nuptial president to be released.

It should be noted that on December 3, by agreement of the assembly, the community went to the house of the municipal president, Román Juárez Cruz, to ask him to issue the call for the election of the 2023-2025 triennium, but when they did not meet, they decided to retain two women and two children, who were taken to the community jail.

The two women, the mayor’s wife and mother-in-law, remain held in the San Martín Peras prison until the municipality issues the call for the election.

The Education councilor reported that until now the mayor’s family has not been released and it is unknown if more people are still being held, however, the situation remains complex in this part of the Mixteca.

Through social networks, the inhabitants of San Martín Peras have transmitted how the conflict is lived and have requested the intervention of the Oaxaca State Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (CEPCO) to be able to unlock the conflict, since they assure that they will not allow any City manager take control of the community.

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