VIDEO: Oaxaca stray dog ​​”runs over” a motorcycle taxi and runs away!


This distracted stray dog ​​was trying to cross a street in Oaxaca, but when running at high speed it hit a motorcycle taxi causing it to overturn.

A distracted stray dog trying to cross a street in the municipality of Soledad Etla, Oaxaca, “runs over” a motorcycle taxi and immediately escaped.

The moment was recorded and broadcast on social networks where it went viral for a few days.

And is that the stray dog, instead of being run over when crossing the avenue in a loud way, crashed into a motorcycle taxi causing it to roll over and the driver to fly away.

In the video it is observed when two motorcycle taxis are circulating on the two-way street, one in each lane, when suddenly a dog runs from the sidewalk.

The first vehicle was easily dodged by the hill, but the second hits it with the front end to the point that it manages to lose its balance and crash into a post.

Immediately, the motorcycle taxi driver gets out and falls to the ground.

The impact was not that serious, so he immediately got up, looked to the sides, and got back into the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the stray dog ​​runs away confused after the accident.

The scene was captured by a surveillance camera at the home of some residents of the municipality of Soledad Etla, Oaxaca, who shared it on social networks.

Oaxaca street dog

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