Lila Downs opens her house in Oaxaca! You can stay in it through Airbnb


The singer shares her home as part of the Day of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead is one of the special dates to visit Oaxaca, so it is within the framework of this party that the singer Lila Downs will turn her house into an Airbnb.

Through a statement, it was reported that the interpreter of La Cicada will share her home for those who want to live the experience of this Mexican celebration.

“I am a person who likes to be in pleasant spaces, so it is very important for me that my guests feel part of Oaxaca and see the beauty that one perceives from this part of the world, where I come from,” assured the also songwriter.

Lila Downs opens her house!  You can stay there through Airbnb - lila_downs_casa_oaxaca_airbnb_1-1280x857

Lila Downs’ home in Oaxaca is 15 minutes from the historic center of the city by car. The home can accommodate up to 15 people.

Six bedrooms with their own bathroom, a garden with a pool and finishes that evoke the culture of Mexico, are part of the characteristics of this home that can be rented through the application.

Within the statement, the interpreter recommended her guests to take a gastronomic tour in local businesses considering mole, chili and cocoa.

Lila Downs opens her house!  You can stay there through Airbnb - lila_downs_casa_oaxaca_airbnb_2-1280x1119

“It is a pleasant experience to share your home with other people, give them a little piece of yourself and be thanked; that they appreciate the personal touch of design that we have put into the spaces while helping to promote the value of Oaxacan traditions,” she added.

The cost of renting Lila Downs’ house in Oaxaca for one night through Airbnb is 7 thousand pesos; if it is 13 people, the cost is 7 thousand 500; if they are 14. 8 thousand; in the case of 15, 8 thousand 500 pesos.

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