The majestic “Winged Bull”, monumental alebrije from Oaxaca Lands in Norway


The work was created in the workshop of Jacobo and María Ángeles, artisans who have become the main promoters of alebrijes.

Oaxaca de Juárez .— The “ Winged Bull ”, a monumental alebrije created in Oaxaca by artisans from San Martín Tilcajete, a Zapotec community from the Central Valleys, travels through cities in Europe and this Monday “landed” in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

The above was reported by Pedro Matar, general coordinator of International Relations of the Oaxaca government, who assured that this fulfills the premise of ” more Oaxaca in the world.” 

“Do you remember the Alebrije that we took to Barcelona, ​​Spain? Today the capital of Norway woke up with the majesty of Oaxaca, represented in our “Winged Bull”. Once again we fulfill the premise of bringing more Oaxaca to the world (sic.) ”, She reported on social networks along with a video of the piece.

The emblematic alebrije was installed in Aker Brygge, the busiest commercial and tourist corridor in Oslo thanks to coordination with the Mexican ambassador to Norway, Ulises Canchola Gutiérrez, and the Government of Oaxaca. Due to the place where it was installed, it is estimated that it can be admired by more than 100,000 people who visit this Norwegian corridor every month, “characterized by having local cultural, commercial and recreational attractions, being the main tourist point of that place,” he reported. the Oaxacan government.

This monumental piece is the sister of those exhibited at Rockefeller Center and the United Nations headquarters in New York , and arrives in Oslo after being exhibited.

The work was created in the workshop of Jacobo and María Ángeles, artisans who have become the main promoters of alebrijes; wooden carvings that represent fantastic and impossible beings that are decorated by hand with motifs from the Zapotec worldview of the town of San Martín Tilcajete.

The ” Winged Bull ” arrived in this Norwegian city after passing through Spanish lands as part of the First International Tianguis of the Magical Towns of Mexico held in Barcelona last April, where it lasted five months. His stay was accompanied by complementary activities about Oaxaca and the tradition of alebrijes.

After remaining in the fairgrounds, the piece was removed to be installed on Creu Coberta street, next to the central Plaza España in Barcelona, ​​with the consent of the state government and the Creu Coberta Merchants Association. .

This Monday, the monumental work arrived in Oslo, despite the fact that the Oaxacan government had originally announced that its next destination would be Madrid, the Spanish capital.

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