VIDEO: Fallen soldier! Young man goes to the University with a mariachi to declare his love and is rejected


The student was rejected in the middle of the University esplanade and left to the sound of: “For your damn love.” Por tu Maldito Amor

A few hours have passed since the 2022-2023 school year began and a video of an atypical case that occurred at a University in Oaxaca has already gone viral on social networks. And it is that a student was emboldened and went to the school esplanade with everything and mariachi to declare his love for him to a classmate, however, the result was not as expected.

Fue rechazado en público, lo invitan a un bar y horas después lo hallan golpeado (VÍDEO)

The events took place in the law school of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, where the young man arrived with the musicians and a bouquet of flowers on the esplanade, immediately capturing the attention of hundreds of students who began to witness and film the moment.

In the video you can see how the couple begins to talk, until finally the young man is rejected and begins to walk through the esplanade, not before leaving the bouquet of flowers in the garden; later the student is seen leaving the university while the mariachis play the song called: “Por tu maldito amor” .

However, there are some conflicting versions of what happened, since while some claim on the networks that the student declared his love and was rejected, others comment that he went to apologize to his ex-girlfriend, a situation that was not granted to him.

He went to party

After the moment lived on the esplanade of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, a photograph of the young man who was rejected was spread on the same social networks and is seen accompanied by other young people having a few beers.

Hours after the case went viral, the same club page reported that the young man attended its facilities, but “he was already served”, that is, he arrived in an alleged state of intoxication, in that publication the young man could be seen lying down on a table, still wearing the suit he wears in the viral video. 

Later, the video of the same young man began to spread, but now lying on the ground, with blood and signs of aggression on his face. According to what was reported, the young man was badly beaten and thrown outside the Maxitablitas taco business, near the Juarez monument and the Huayapam highway.

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