Oaxacan saxophonist attacked with acid two years ago claims justice before the Superior Court of Justice


In social networks, Mexican saxophonist María Elena Ríos has denounced that the Superior Court of Justice of Oaxaca (TSJO) wants to free Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, the intellectual author of the acid attack perpetrated against her more than two years ago.

The Oaxacan saxophonist has indicated that, presumably, the TSJO wants to grant protection to Vera Carrizal and has publicly said that this man’s daughter, Guadalupe Vera, would have bribed three magistrates so that her father could face his trial in freedom.

María Elena Ríos has also said that Vera Carrizal’s family wants the charges of attempted femicide to be changed to simple injuries.

The saxophonist has asked the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) to bring her case, through the recommendation made previously by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), since she has said that the Consultative Council of the Mechanism for the Protection of Defenders of Human Rights and Journalists in Mexico again denied her protection because, although one of her aggressors is still free, she considers that María Elena Ríos is not in danger.

This is what AMLO said about the case of María Elena Ríos
The Mexican president said, during one of his morning conferences, before questioning the case, that they would request reports from the Presidency about the progress of the investigations since he is in the understanding that the Prosecutor’s Office wants to free the intellectual aggressor.

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