VIDEO: Expat from New Zealand attacks a woman in a bar in Oaxaca


A woman denounced through social networks the aggression she suffered on April 9, inside the Restaurant Bar ‘La Otra’ located on García Vigil Street in the Historic Center of Oaxaca.

Geraldine Freyra reported from her Instagram account that she was punched by Kieran Burroughs, after exchanging words.

The expat of New Zealand origin would have threatened the woman with a bottle that he previously emptied on her, while the bar staff did not intervene to stop the aggression.

Kieran Burroughs

“This person is dangerous and he thinks he can do whatever he wants in our country that is not his, and he thinks he can hit someone he has seen 4 times in his life just because he called him shit. We must remind foreigners that they are guests in this country and that they cannot disrespect us ”denounced the victim who pointed to her aggressor and identified him as a former partner of one of her friends.

The woman denounced the establishment for not being a safe place for women, “establishments like La Otra, associated with Bar La Popular, only come for their white clients from other countries, let’s stop our malinchismo and unite against these types of people.”

Geraldine also regretted that the authorities responsible for providing security and justice, do not proceed in these situations and only act when violence escalates.

He also holds Kieran Burroughs responsible for any aggression against her because she fears for her safety and integrity.

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