El Castillo de los Duendes, a mysterious building in Etla, Oaxaca


According to legend, a man enslaved by elemental beings builds the Castle of the goblins without being able to finish it.

In Etla, Oaxaca, there is an amazing building full of colors, fantasy, and mystery. It is the Castillo de los Duendes, a medieval-style construction that stands out from the rest of the buildings in the region. Due to its style, this building has inspired a large number of stories and legends.

The Castle of the Duendes was built on the property owned by Miguel Pérez. According to some, the construction appeared overnight. For others, the place hides a secret inside, which is why it is considered that visiting it brings good luck.

The most rationalistic people assure that the construction stopped because the owner ran out of funds. However, the longing for fantasy makes many relate that the building was erected by elemental beings. For this reason, it is believed that goblins inhabit the place and protect the place as a sacred space and that those who approach the place must win their sympathy.

What is in the Castle of the Goblins?

Those who have entered the Castillo de Los Duendes comment that the interior is no less fantastic, since there are sculptures made of cement that represent all kinds of mythological beings. Elves, fairies, unicorns, and elements of the forest lie inside this building.

Another of the legends that surround this place is the one that says that the goblins appeared to the owner of the property and offered him gold in exchange for building the castle. This version, which ensures that the goblins are evil, also relates that at night the goblins wake up to do their evil things. Also, it is said that the owner has never finished the building because the goblins prevent him with pranks in order to keep him enslaved.

Truth or lie, the truth is that the Castle of the Duendes has become an iconic place in Etla, Oaxaca, filling with legends that amuse the smallest and the most superstitious. Without a doubt, it is a place where the imagination can fly without limits.

Currently, it is possible to visit the interior of the building for a cost of $50.00, all you have to do is arrive and ring the bell. If you visit Etla, do not forget to visit this magical place, since you will be able to help the construction to be completed and with it, the owner is freed. You will not regret it!

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