Oaxaca street vendors will not give in, they demand that spaces be returned to them


Street vendors indicated that they will not end their protests until they are able to return the spaces they occupied before the government of Oswaldo García Jarquín began the Alfa operations to remove them.

For this reason, they maintain a camp in the street of Flores Magón, with tents and posters, to demand that the municipal president Francisco Martínez Neri reach agreements to meet their requests.

Above all, because they paid for the spaces, the former municipal authority granted them permits and receipts with which they can verify that they made their contributions in this regard.

They indicated that they are looking for a new relationship with the authority, therefore they hope that the dialogue tables with the new municipal president will bear fruit so that they can carry out their work.

Meanwhile, they are kept on the road, and elements of the Municipal Police monitor them to prevent them from making sales because they do not have the authorization.

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