Artisan from Oaxaca was forced by the SAT to pay taxes for her own garments


CDMX. Ricarda García Merino, a textile artisan from the community of San Juan Colorado, received an invitation from the Consulate General of Mexico in New York to present her work in this city to participate in the exhibition of Oaxacan women’s handicrafts.

artisan oaxaca sat

Ricarda wore her garments made with a backstrap loom, but also the traditional clothes made by the artisans of her town to help them show their work.

SAT discrimina y ejerce abuso de poder contra artesana oaxaqueña

She never imagined that upon returning he would face discrimination and abuse of power from the authorities of the Tax Administration System (SAT), at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) customs.

SAT officials retain her

artisan oaxaca sat
Photos: El Universal

At the AICM, she was held for around three hours by SAT officials, who forced her to pay taxes for the same garments that she made to participate in the New York exhibition.

The woman tried to convince them that the clothes were hers, that she could verify that she made them, and also offered to show them the invitation letter.

SAT officials forced her to pay 3,706 pesos in taxes for clothes valued at $ 950. She also accused them of making threats when she tried to ask for help.

The artisan from San Juan Colorado expresses that her town is very humble and most of the people do not speak Spanish. It also asks the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to stop these abuses, mistreatment, and discrimination against SAT and customs officials in Mexico City.

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