Oaxaca congress reforms law so minors can choose their gender


The proposal of the local deputy of the 15th district, Magaly López Domínguez, was approved by the Oaxaca Congress, which establishes that adolescents over 12 years of age will be able to choose their gender before the law, after a reform in the Civil Code Of the entity.

The foregoing occurred after the modification to the reform of articles 137, 137 bis, and 137 Quáter of the Civil Code, which establishes that to make the right effective, the guardians must go to the Civil Registry Office, to attest to the decision regarding the adolescent’s gender.

When dealing with minors, the local Civil Registry with the support of the State Attorney for the Protection of the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents of Oaxaca, will have to collect the informed consent in which the minor expresses his desire and knows the scope of the Procedure.

Via Twitter, the legislator detailed in an infographic that the Oaxaca Congress became the first in Mexico to recognize the rights of transgender adolescents.

Source: diariodemexico.com, rioaxaca.com

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