Oaxaca mayors may face up to 6 years in prison who don’t enforce covid protocols



Up to six years in jail could face the municipal presidents of Oaxaca who do not avoid the performance of dances, parties, fairs, sporting events, and mass meetings during the orange traffic light activated for Oaxaca for the next 15 days starting this July 26.

Considering it a “probably criminal” action, through a document circulated by the Oaxaca government, it specified that they have as their legal basis article 193, section I of the Penal Code.

It establishes that “imprisonment of one to six years will be imposed on anyone who intentionally spreads any other disease regardless of the means used.”

And it is that despite the increase in infections of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19), this weekend Santiaguito Etla held its patronal feast dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle.

Earlier, on August 28 in San Juan Bautista Buena Vista, they held a dance on the town’s court without wearing a mask.

Others like San Bernardo Mixtepec had announced the celebration of their festival next August, which they finally had to cancel.

The Oaxaca government also indicated that if they did not comply with the health contingency measures established for the orange traffic light, they would incur acts that could be sanctioned by the Local Congress.

The warrant for compliance with health measures against COVID-19 issued on July 23, indicates that despite the constant call has been not to lower our guard regardless of the epidemiological traffic light in which the entity is, in recent weeks an exponential increase in cases was registered.

While on June 7 of this year there were 154 active cases throughout the state, by July 23 there were 1,690 “derived from the relaxation of prevention measures,” the letter said.

 In hotels, capacity of 20% 

In it, they instructed municipal presidents to reduce staff in non-essential economic activities by 30 percent.

As regards capacity in hotels, these should be a maximum of 20 percent, cafeterias and restaurants 40 percent, hairdressers and beauty salons 50 percent, markets, and supermarkets 75 percent, squares, parks, and public spaces 50 percent open, gyms, pools, sports centers, spa, massage centers 50 percent; cinemas, theaters, and museums, cultural events of up to 500 locations 25 percent.

In the case of shopping centers 25 percent, religious centers 25 percent.

In nightclubs, bars, and event rooms, activities are suspended.



Article 193 section I of the Penal Code:

Prison from one to six years will be imposed on anyone who intentionally spreads any other disease regardless of the means used.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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