The sad news of the death arrives, yesterday Saturday, in the waves of the beach of Zicatela (Oaxaca, Mexico), of the Valencian surfer Oscar Serra while surfing a big wave.

The young Valencian surfer Oscar Serra had come to Puerto Escondido to enjoy its waves for the first time, considered one of the best in the world as well as dangerous. In the first wave that Oscar was launched to surf was when the tragedy occurred, as recounted from his Instagram profile by one of his colleagues who were with him to live one of his dreams, Miguel Castrillón.

According to various media in the country, everything happened around 7 in the morning and according to witnesses, Oscar an experienced surfer to surf large waves, got into the water and when he was surfing his first wave he fell from the top, on the two meters high, having the bad luck of hitting the seabed, becoming unconscious.

The lifeguards quickly came to his aid and took him to shore in a very short time, there they began first aid, but unfortunately, they did not manage to revive him, where he died. the area was cordoned off by experts from the Regional Vice Prosecutor’s Office to remove the body and report it to the Spanish embassy in Mexico.

The authorities reported:

“Unfortunately, when riding a wave it fell and hit the seabed, lifeguards came to the place to rescue the body of the surfer of Spanish origin.” 

All our strength and support for the family, friends, and the Valencian surfing community in such difficult moments. RIP


At the end of last June and what we have been in July, the Mexican giant, Puerto Escondido began to wake up with the first big wave swell of the season, which led to seeing many of the fans in the big waves, among them our friend the Basque surfer Natxo González.


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