Oaxaca’s Anacondas School, trainer of outstanding swimmers and triathletes who represent Mexico


In the almost 16 years of providing its service to Oaxacan sport, the Anacondas School has become a trainer of outstanding Oaxacan swimmers and triathletes, who have subsequently become high-performance athletes and who have represented Oaxaca and Mexico.

This sports institution has been characterized by putting into practice the Cuban sports methodology, which is recognized worldwide for its excellent results, in a program implemented, supervised, and adapted to Oaxacans by coach Silvio Urrutia.

Among the outstanding Oaxacan athletes who have had their initial training stage at the Anacondas School is the youth world champion Cecilia Sayuri Ramírez Alavez, who as part of Team Oaxaca, won the gold medal for Mexico in the World Championship of the International Union Triathlon in the youth category, held in September 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia.

Another outstanding Oaxacan triathlete who started with the Anacondas team was Eduardo Elías Moreno Castañeda, who after standing out at the state level, also became part of Team Oaxaca. He was a North American champion in Huatulco in 2012; in addition to getting bronze medals at the Pan American Vila Vela, Brazil in 2013 and Punta Guilarte, Puerto Rico in 2015.

They are joined by the adapted sport swimmer, Luis Ángel Santiago Cruz, who is a multi-medalists in the National Games for Wheelchair Athletes and the National Paralympic Movement.

Source: nvinoticias.com

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