Oaxaca Police recover 16 units of public transport taken by normalistas thugs


After the damage, the Government of Oaxaca carried out an operation with the objective of “guaranteeing security and the rule of law in the Oaxacan capital.”

Oaxaca de Juárez.— After the damage caused by normalistas from Oaxaca in their mobilization yesterday, this Friday the Government of Oaxaca reported that an operation was carried out to recover public transport units that had been “taken” by the students. 

According to the state government, the objective of the operation was “to guarantee security and the rule of law in the Oaxacan capital ” and state and municipal police participated in it. 

“Members of the State Police, in coordination with the Municipal Police, carried out an operation this morning to recover 16 units of public transport, which were intended to be taken by force by a group of normalistas to be used in their demonstrations,” said the authority it’s a statement. 

According to the document, “at no time during the operation was public force exerted, so no person was injured.”


After the operation, members attached to the Oaxaca Public Security Secretariat (SSPO) maintain a dissuasive presence in the northern part of the city of Oaxaca, which will be maintained “to guarantee free transit and protection of citizens.”

Yesterday, in a mobilization in support of normalistas from Chiapas, Oaxaca students caused damage to businesses, buildings, and car dealerships; They also injured two people, including a member of the Auxiliary Banking Police and the reporter José Luis Jerónimo. 

In addition, upon reaching the zócalo of the capital, they caused destruction in the restaurants of the portals, so the diners fled the place.

Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx, oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx

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