Huatulco and Puerto Escondido teams from Oaxaca swoop BIG FISH tournament


Dorothea takes first place in the Dorado category, where Cristal obtained a worthy runner-up at Puerto Angelito beach

Shark and Dorothea conquered the highest rungs of the podium in Marlin and Dorado, respectively, during the Calentona del Pez más Gordo in Puerto Angelito Beach, Puerto Escondido ( Oaxaca ).

With these championships, Huatulco monopolized 50 percent of the prizes among 124 participating teams that responded to the call of the Puerto Angelito Frigate Club, after taking first place in marlin ( Shark ) and second and third in Dorado (Dorothea and Cristal ).

Table with the official winners. 

The champion team in Marlin, led by Elías ‘Chalín’ Vázquez and also made up of Adán Díaz, Kevin Lescale, and Alejandro Santos, received as a prize a brand new Yamaha 150 motorcycle, once it captured a 39,100-kilogram specimen five miles from the coast.

In Dorado, the monarch was Dorothea , whose representative was David Vázquez. Behind him was Cristal, who a day before led with a piece of 18,100 kilograms, but finally ended up unseated. The team participated with the crew of the Grillo Marinero, made up of the brothers Francisco and Gabriel Ríos, as well as Juan Gilberto Mendoza).

And, not to be left behind, the band of the Caro boat, captained by Guty Pacheco, Daniel El Golden Boy Bastidas, Diego Iván Pacheco and Alejandro Escobar achieved third place and a prize of 50 thousand pesos with the capture of a copy of 16,200 kilograms.

The members of the Cristal boat, runners-up. Photo: courtesy
Francisco Ríos (with the gold one) and Juan Gilberto Mendoza. Photo: courtesy
Photo: courtesy

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