Residents of Huajuapan riot due to Oaxaca state police extortion (video)


A group of residents of Huajuapan detained a uniformed man to present him to the authorities; they disarmed him and burned his patrol

At dawn this Friday, residents of the Oaxacan municipality Huajuapan de León arrested a policeman from the State Investigation Agency, whom they accused of extortion.

Colonos de Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca, retienen y queman unidad de la AEI

A group of approximately 20 residents of the Volcanes neighborhood submitted the uniformed man from this area of ​​the Oaxaca Attorney General’s Office (FGJO) to take him to the city hall headquarters and present him to the local authorities.

The police patrol was overturned and set on fire by the protesters, who pointed out that it is not the first time that an element of the State Investigation Agency has sought to intimidate them in order to extort money from them. They even reported that at least three uniformed men were responsible for several “uprisings” in this demarcation.

oaxaca state police corruption

They specified that these officials pose as members of a criminal group to extort money from the merchants of the municipality, who are required to pay the floor fee.  

The Regional Vice Prosecutor for Justice was the agency that responded to the residents’ request, who did not receive a response from the city council authorities, who refused to file charges against the police officer.


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