In the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca measures against Covid are hardened; they prohibit visits


Among the communities that tightened their restrictions against the pandemic are San Cristóbal Lachiriog, Villa Hidalgo Yalálag and San Andrés Solaga.

Oaxaca de Juárez.– Faced with the rebound in Covid-19 cases that forced Oaxaca to return for the third time to the orange light of the Epidemiological Traffic Light of the federal government, different communities in the region of the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca have reinforced and hardened their restrictions to prevent contagions from continuing among them, their countrymen living abroad and other cities in the country are asked not to visit the localities.

Among the communities that reinforced their restrictions against the pandemic are San Cristóbal Lachiriog, Villa Hidalgo Yalálag, and San Andrés Solaga, in these Zapotec localities the municipal authorities decreed that access is restricted to all people living in different parts of the Mexican Republic and abroad.

San Cristobal Lahiriog, for example, explained through a press release, that the virus that hits the world “little by little is reaching the most remote places”, and being a rural community, they are more exposed, so to safeguard the population more vulnerable, such as older adults and children, it was determined that the use of face masks is mandatory, that traveling to the city of Oaxaca and surrounding towns should be avoided and those who live abroad are asked not to go to the community.

“Our countryman living outside our community is urged to avoid making temporary visits to our town, except for reasons of emergency, in any case, they must notify this municipal authority in advance to agree on what is conducive,” says the signed official document. by Octavio Ambrosio Cipriano, the municipal president.

In the case of Yalálag, the authority also reported that sanitary filters will be installed at the community entrances, that the use of face masks is mandatory while in the town, as the municipal police will supervise this measure and whoever fails to comply will be imposed a fine of 500 pesos. And the countrymen living in other cities and abroad are encouraged to refrain from visiting the community and in case of emergency, they must notify it.

These measures came into effect this Wednesday, January 6, according to a statement addressed to residents of neighboring towns and countrymen.

While in Solaga reported that last January 1, the community general assembly determined that entry to anyone living in other parts of the country or abroad is prohibited, to prevent the spread of the virus.

“It will be exempted for a justified reason, as long as the following requirements are met: updated medical certificate, 15 days home reclusion, and prior notice to the municipal authority before entering,” reported in a statement.

In this community, sellers of basic products will only be allowed to enter on Wednesdays, the day that a filter will be installed to examine that whoever enters does not have symptoms of respiratory disease.

Until the last report of the Oaxaca Health Services, the Sanitary Jurisdiction 6 Sierra accumulates a total of 81 deaths and 918 confirmed cases of Covid-19, of which 18 are active. Also, there are 112 other people awaiting test results, which is why the virus is considered suspicious.


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