In Oaxaca, they forget about the Covid and carry out a march for AMLO


Despite the increase in infections, the Morenista Martínez Neri organized a mobilization in support of the Fourth Transformation in the capital

Despite the increase in coronavirus cases in the Oaxacan capital and the call of the health authorities to stay home as much as possible, this Saturday morning, the former PRD federal deputy Francisco Martínez Neri carried out a massive march with militants of the Movement for the Transformation of Oaxaca that leads in support of Q4.

In recent days, the now supporter of the Movement for National Regeneration (Morena), Martínez Neri, summoned “free” thinking Oaxacans to march from the monument to the Mother in Santa Rosa Panzacola to the capital’s zócalo.

The mobilization in which militants of the Triqui Unification and Struggle Movement (MULT) and supporters of the Movement for the Transformation of Oaxaca (MTO) participated, traveled along Highway 190 through the Cerro del Fortín, Tinoco, and Palacios until it reached the center of the city.


Martínez Neri pointed out that the purpose of the march is to demand justice for the murders of members of the MULT, as well as the femicides that occurred in the entity, as well as to support President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “who is being besieged by The right-wing coup, for this reason, the people have the moral obligation to respond to express their adherence to the policies of the President of the Republic.

“In the same way, for the social demands that the communities have to be heard by the authorities of the Government of Oaxaca, there is an enormous amount of lags in the social demand, that the promises be fulfilled.”

The MTO leader and candidate for Morena to a political position in the next elections expressed that it is necessary to install a dialogue table with the Government to achieve a peace agreement in the Triqui area, after the constant attacks that have occurred, where dozens of people from the different organizations that have a presence in the communities of the region have died.

He pointed out that this is the first massive march in support of the Prime Minister from Oaxaca that they hope will be replicated in other states of the Republic.

During the march and arrival at the Alameda de León and Zócalo in the capital, it was possible to see that many of the participants in the march did not take care of the healthy distance or bring the mask, thereby increasing the risk of contracting the SARS-COV2 virus that causes the coronavirus.

Until yesterday’s cut off on December 4, the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO) reported that in the entity they counted 167 new cases of COVID-19 that add up to 24,934 positive cases accumulated in the entity, in addition to that unfortunately seven were registered deaths that increased to 1,960 deaths from this pandemic.


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