Ex-president Vicente Fox will serenade you for $225 USD


Vicente Fox is now using Cameo, a popular app among celebrities and influencers.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is offering his services as a singer to serenade you on your birthday for USD 255.

Vicente Fox is now using Cameo, a popular app among celebrities and influencers to sell personalized videos to their fans.

Cameo describes itself as an app to “connect, collaborate, and produce videos with a celebrity to share with your friends.

We feature thousands of celebrities for you to choose from: athletes, actors, musicians, comedians, reality tv stars, influencers, creators, and many more. Choose your favorite celebrity to wish your mom a happy birthday, announce special news to your family, give you a personal pep talk, make a perfect sales pitch or roast a friend after a close fantasy football matchup. Cameo makes impossible moments possible. Your favorite celebrity can record and deliver the perfect personal message just for you. ”

So far, at least 10 users have hired the former Mexican President through Cameo. Fox sells videos in both Spanish and English.

Fox will donate the money raised through the videos to a charity.

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 21 SEPTIEMBRE 2019.- Vicente Fox Quesada, expresidente de México, durante el acto del 80 Aniversario del Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), en donde además se realizó la XXIV Asamblea Nacional Ordinaria. FOTO: ANDREA MURCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM

In December 2018, when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office, I announced that former presidents would no longer receive pensions and protection from bodyguards.

Vicente Fox told EL UNIVERSAL in November 2018 that he was willing to give up his pension if that would help to solve Mexico’s problems, especially extreme poverty.

Fox was then widely criticized after saying that he was living from “hand to mouth” after losing his pension.

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