Green Angels Police services increase in Morelos


Cuernavaca, MORELOS.-  The head of services of the “Green Angels” Corporation, Arturo Mosconi Godínez, reported that two weeks after changing the color to the orange of the epidemiological traffic light in several states of the country, including Morelos, the road traffic increase.

He said that on July 6, the Federal Government changed the traffic light for Morelos, which is why the vehicular movement of tourists has been perceived, especially on weekends.

Mosconi Godínez reported in the last two weekends, the Green Angels attend between one and two services to vacationers for each unit police.

“We have 10 units operating, and they carry out their operations to help drivers who require some support,” he said.

Officer said that the report on this reactivation provides between 15 and 20 relief services to vacationers for different reasons; the most common are: lack of gasoline, heating of the unit, and a flat tire.

Regarding the sanitary and preventive measures against the Coronavirus, Mosconi Godínez reported that the elements travel in their units with their face masks, and use antibacterial to avoid any contagion. 

Weekends. The 10 Green Angels units travel around the state of Morelos to help tourists.

After the orange traffic light announcement due to COVID-19, the Green Angels have had more work.


The Morelos Post