The traditional “Guelaguetza” goes virtual


Although Mexico and Oaxaca are at the highest risk of COVID-19 infections, the reason why governor Alejandro Murat suspended the celebrations of Lunes del Cerro at the Fortín auditorium, the 2020 edition of the Guelaguetza will still take place: remotely and online.

Oaxaca’s government informed that despite the challenges experienced at the state, such as the pandemic and the earthquake that struck the coast and the southern Sierra, the state is standing strong so, through Oaxaca’s Tourism, Economy, and Cultures and Arts ministries, it presented the virtual special programs to celebrate “the highest celebration of Oaxacan people” from home.

The government said that, just as Los Lunes del Cerro, this edition will consist of four broadcasts through the signal of the Oaxacan Radio and Television Corporation (CORTV) and with the support of the official accounts of the participating agencies. The official name will be “Guelaguetza 2020. The strength of our identity” and it includes the presentation of the Guelaguetza on July 20 and 27 at 10:00 and 17:00.

“We are aware of the great challenge experienced by people in Oaxaca and that is why we are recovering the essence and spirit of the Guelaguetza in teamwork and we designed this broadcasting programs that include concerts, discussions, documentaries, and videos regarding our highest celebration, ”Said the head of Oaxaca’s Culture Ministry Karla Villacaña Quevedo.

The four programs pertaining to Oaxaca’s celebration of folklore and traditions, as well as the activities like concerts and discussions, were designed by the Authenticity Committee, the people who chose the delegations that dances each year at the Fortín hill and that selected these dances for the special 2020 edition.

Moreover, on July 19 and 26, there will be a retransmission of “Donají, the legend.” The complete schedule of activities for Guelaguetza 2020, which will cover from July 11 through 28, will be available at the official accounts of the State Government and the agencies that will partake in the celebration.

Once again, our highest celebration unites our mixed, indigenous, and Afro-Mexican peoples. It will be a different celebration that will honor those who left us during the pandemic, ”it said.

Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, Tourism minister, highlighted that this edition will depict the work of Oaxacan artist Montserrat Alhelí Steck Ortiz called “Trenzando Magia” (Braiding Magic), that will be the official image of the July Festivities, the Guelaguetza’s month.

I mentioned that the state has the “Safe Travels” international seal granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in addition to the recognition as the best city to visit in Mexico and the world according to Travel + Leisure.

“Today, this Guelaguetza means solidarity, love, so we feel proud and it’s the time for all of us to move forward together in this new normal,” I stressed.

Meanwhile, the Economy minister Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián asserted that talking about Oaxaca’s highest celebration is a synonym of mescal; Hence, the schedule will address topics about the origin of the Mezcal Fair, the different kinds of agave, the story behind every bottle, and the Mezcal masters, to mention some.

Today, mezcal is an industry worth over a million pesos and it is exported to 64 countries; we will also talk about coffee and the denomination of origin we just received for Pluma coffee, ”he stressed.

According to the director of CORTV, Martín Vásquez Villanueva, “the Guelaguetza is a soul, Oaxaca’s soul ”the reason why, along with the State Government, they will send a message to encourage people in Oaxaca and underscored the empathy of governor Alejandro Murat.

“Although the auditorium will not be full, the Guelaguetza will be shared with the world with a single click; this year’s celebration is a tribute and a celebration of life that will unite us, that will give us more strength, identity, and encouragement to overcome this threat. It’s an opportunity to show that if we love our life, we will take care of ourselves to enjoy the Guelaguetza next year, ”he said.

Source: El Universal

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