A couple planning a new life in Mexico, now stranded in Canada for months


The Grecu’s should have been living in their new home in Cancun by now.

Alex and Alejandra Grecu were supposed to be enjoying their new life in Cancun, Mexico, instead they’ve spent months stranded in a Windsor Airbnb after they were prevented from crossing the border. 

The couple, who has been married for four years, bought a house in Cancun earlier this year and sold their home in Kawartha Lakes in March. 

Kawartha Lakes (File Photo)

At the end of April, they came to Windsor with all their belongings to drive across the border. 

Alex is Canadian, while Alejandra is a permanent resident and Mexican citizen. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, U.S. Customs and Border Protection refused them entry. 

“We decided to stay [in Windsor], we had no place to go back to,” said Alex, a retired bus driver for Toronto Transit Commission. “We rented this Airbnb on May 1 and we’ve been here ever since and we’re waiting.” 

But, they said the wait has been draining their savings. 

In total, the couple said they have spent $7,000 and can’t afford to stay longer than two more months. 

A spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said via email that travel restrictions remain in place until July 21. 

The cost of the Airbnb has been draining the Grecu’s savings and they’re not sure if they can afford more than another two months rent. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

But, the spokesperson added that CBP officers make the final determination of whether travellers are admissible and that they take into account the totality of each traveller’s circumstances.

“I’m very sad because we planned and we [were] expecting to stay in Mexico right now,” said Alejandra, who is a dentist and was hoping to start a dental office in Mexico. 

While Alejandra is a Mexican citizen and could go back, she can’t drive there as she doesn’t have a license. The couple also said that flying and shipping all their belongings would be too expensive. 

“Right now I feel a little bit let down as a Canadian citizen,” Alex said. “We consider Mexico the third North American country and we should have free access.” 

Alex said he emailed NDP Windsor West MP Brian Masse’s office last week and received a note that said they are working on the issue.

Source: cbc.ca

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