Huatulco Oaxaca will not reopen on May 18 non-essential businesses will remain closed


According to statistics, positive cases in the municipality have been increasing, so the alert in the municipality remains.

Santa Cruz Huatulco, Oaxaca

This Thursday the municipal government announced that Huatulco will not return to “normality” on May 18, due to the fact that cases of Covid-19 in the municipality have been increasing, so the alert remains.

According to information provided by the Oaxaca Health Services, on May 14th the municipality of Santa María Huatulco has 4 active positive cases.

Through a statement, the City Council made it clear that “Huatulco remains outside the statements made by the State and Federal Governments.”

Likewise, they point out that it is important to follow all the recommendations, to leave the confinement soon; otherwise, COVID-19 cases will continue and the date for reopening will continue to be postponed.

It should be noted that the country is in phase 3 of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, which is why the agreements approved by the municipal council remain in force, until further notice.

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Staying at home, maintaining a healthy distance, social distancing, and sanitary filters; the closure of beaches and tourist centers, as well as businesses with non-essential business, continue according to the instructions issued by the Federal and State Governments, emphasizing the mandatory use of the mouth mask.


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