Oaxaca medical personnel are provided lodging and food during crisis


The Governor states that the Posadas Group made available for this purpose the properties located on Avenida Universidad and Calzada de la República, both in the state capital

The Fiesta Inn and One Oaxaca hotels will grant free lodging and food to Health workers who attend cases of Covid-19 in the state, Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa announced yesterday.

The state president indicated that the Posadas Group made available for this purpose the properties located on Avenida Universidad and Calzada de la República, both in the state capital.

These hotels will provide lodging and daily food service to the Health personnel who work in contact with patients infected with Covid-19 in the Regional High Specialty Hospitals of Oaxaca ( HRAEO ), of the Childhood of Oaxaca, the Regional President Juárez del ISSSTE and the General of Zone 1 of the IMSS.

Stands out in transparency 

The Oaxacan government was recognized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit ( SHCP ) for obtaining a first place at the national level in the report on the presentation of the diagnosis of the Results-Based Budget and Performance Evaluation System 2020, in terms of transparency.

The entity stood out from the rest of the country for the mobile application “Sustainable Oaxaca” developed by the Ministry of Welfare.

“Sustainable Oaxaca” allows us to know the advances in social policy, “which is important at all times, and even more so in these times of health contingency; only through transparency and accountability can a government aspire to gain the trust of the people, ”said Murat Hinojosa.

Source: 24-horas.mx

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