ITALIKA donates ATVs for turtle protection on Oaxaca beaches


Oaxaca.- ITALIKA, the motorcycle mobility giant in Mexico, once again shows its commitment in terms of social responsibility and in favor of the environment, with the donation of two 250 ATVs for the protection of turtle nests along 27 kilometers of beach in Puerto Escondido, (from Bacocho beach to El Vigía) in Oaxaca.


This donation was made to the Vive MAR Cooperative Society (Mangroves, Birds and Reptiles), a cooperative in charge of protecting and conserving four species of endangered sea turtles: leatherback turtle, brown or green turtle, olive ridley and hawksbill turtle, that nest on beaches of the Oaxacan coast. 

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Puerto Escondido

In the 2018-2019 season alone, this organization managed to protect 1,582 nests, contributing to the recovery of its population and environment. However, the bikes with which they made tours every night to collect nests and relocate them in strategic pens, in addition to monitoring to avoid illegal collection and poaching of the species, were in poor condition due to the rough use it is given. . 

During the day, the ATVs are used to move volunteers from pen to pen, who perform cleaning of nests, beaches, and data collection. Therefore, the donation of ATV 250 off-road vehicles from ITALIKA will allow them to carry out all these tasks with the best technology for the benefit of the flora and fauna of the region, due to the fact that it travels through sand, hostile terrain such as stone and mud. in torrential times and on the pavement in sections where the rocks make the route impossible. 

The impact of this donation will be reflected in the leatherback turtles, which are critically endangered because their populations have decreased by 80% in the last 20 years. Scientists estimate that this species will become extinct in the next 30 years unless major changes are made quickly and forcefully. 

As part of this turtle conservation project, it is releasing them to the sea, once the nests have been relocated in the pens and after the incubation period of 45 to 60 days depending on the species. 

Another of the activities of the Cooperative Society Vive MAR is to provide environmental education workshops to children from primary schools in the communities near the beaches, inviting them every month to clean the beach.

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