Video: The Oaxaca Banana a symbol, and pride of the culinary exhibition of Cuenca cuisine


Tuxtepec, Oaxaca.- Santa Teresa, Pueblo Nuevo, and Papaloapan are banana towns of inheritance… and it is there where the most sought after and iconic snacks in the region are cooked: the fried ‘plantains’.

However, if there is someone who becomes a hallmark of the Papaloapan and of the highway that connects the towns, it is the vendors of platanitos flush with the roadside, who keep countless anecdotes on their feet and eyes.

The postcard that no one sells in print but those of us who walk through it have it engraved, is federal highway 145, in its section Papaloapan, Tuxtepec – Loma Bonita Oaxaca, where people are exhibited with a wire covered with bags of fried bananas, in the other one bottle with sauce and lying with yellow bunches of male bananas ready to fry, apple and Dominican ready to peel.

Motorists know that you have to slow down there, they also know that in order to find quality in the banana you have to edge and there you will find a good seller, who will quickly tell you what is in store, what type they are, and an unbeatable price.

Entire families have been on that road, they have sold to people in cars and the train … they have seen accidents, they have helped migrants who were traveling in ‘The Beast’ and that some given bananas became, perhaps, their only food.

Los Paltaneros of Pueblo Nuevo has dealt with accidents, federal government works, the economy, the weather, floods.

Noe, ‘El Platanero’ has been selling on that street for 25 years, before him, his mother, who schooled him there, today, part of his home is there, he began to sell when the bag was worth a peso, today it is at 10, and for them, the best time of year to sell is in December.

There, people who come to visit their family stock up on plantains, part of a culinary tradition in the Basin that has spread to other states and countries, with the processing of the fruit, the cultivation of which continues to make the basin a ‘ Mini Banana Republic ‘.


The Mazatlan Post