Mexico Doesn’t Apologize for Deportation


Now that the United States has imported approximately a quarter of Mexico’s population, it might be a good idea to import some of its law, too. Specifically Mexican immigration law.

Mexico’s immigration law is the answer to the conservative’s desire to control the border and determine the requirements for citizenship here.

In an ironic role reversal, Democrats who welcome illegal Mexicans with open arms would call Mexican immigration law draconian, inhuman, and worst of all, sensible. While Republicans who oppose Mexican illegals would welcome Mexican immigration law.

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What makes Mexican immigration law such a revelation? It puts the interests of Mexico and Mexican citizens ahead of non-citizens and makes no apologies for doing so. Human Events did an analysis of Mexico’s “single, streamlined law” that is fascinating.

While over half of the current immigrants to the U.S. are on welfare — a rate that far exceeds that of U.S. citizens — Mexico requires immigrants “have the means to sustain themselves economically” and they must be “physically [and] mentally healthy.”

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In Mexico, “foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics” while in the U.S. illegal aliens march down the streets of Washington, D.C. and demand presidential candidates make special accommodations for lawbreakers.

And speaking of breaking the law, in Mexico immigrants must be of “economic and social benefit to society [and] 
of good character and have no criminal records.”

Illegal immigration is considered a felony and “foreigners who are deported from Mexico and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.”

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Compare this with the Obama administration’s catch and release policy and revolving door deportation regime.

Unemployed U.S. citizens will also be heartened to learn that foreigners who take jobs without government permission in Mexico can go to prison and the companies that aid and abet illegal immigration are subject to fines.

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Finally, every citizen that has had his identity stolen by an illegal will be pleased to know so much as signing a document falsely or using fake immigration papers south of the border results in a fine and/or jail term. No wonder Mexico deports more illegals each year than our President does.

I’m telling you, learning all this makes me wonder: Does Univision’s Jorge Ramos know? Maybe he should lay off Donald Trump and start quizzing Mexico’s President.

Resultado de imagen de mexico deporta migrantes

Mexican immigration law is a dream come true for U.S. conservatives. I would venture to predict they would even approve of passing it in the original Spanish language version, if Congress would just approve the bill.

Resultado de imagen de mexico deporta migrantes en autobuses

Source: newsmax

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